As of February 1, 2017

Fees for Forensic Pathophysiology, LLC services (all USD):

Forensic Consulting

$2,500 Retainer for new cases ($3,500 outside N. America):
$250.00 / hour billed toward retainer for consultation, document
review, evidence documentation and analysis, report generation,

$375.00 / hour for demonstrative aid preparation, court prep /
testimony, courtroom waiting time, depositions, meetings, peer
review, ground travel, outsourcing

$50.00 / hour for air travel (flight and standby time)
All travel related expenses (airfare, transit, rental car, lodging)
(First/Business Class travel for flights of 2 hours or more)

No fees assessed for:
Ancillary / Miscellaneous expenses (food, parking, etc.)
*Correspondence (email, phone calls, video conference, text message)
under 5 minutes
Receipt or shipment of evidence / reports

Payment due within 30 days upon receipt of invoice to avoid potential interest charge.